Social Monitoring Visit

In the framework of the Second Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness Project, on April 05, 2017 the APIU SA staff representatives “Value Chain Development” (VCD) Component Food Safety Specialist Georgi Hovhannisyan and the Project Social Specialist Emma Mkrtchyan carried out the social monitoring visit to the “Mer Sarer Holding” LLC located in Yerevan, which is implementing the “Business development for the honey export” subproject under the Value Chain Component. During the visit the Social Specialist verified the compliance of the implemented subproject to the Project social safeguards, as per the relevant questionnaire. The representatives of the enterprise answered in details to all the questions of the APIU SA specialist, who, in addition to the verification of compliance to the social safeguards, provided additional consultations to the representatives of the enterprise.

About 40 families involved in the honey value chain in the 6 RA marzes are involved in the implementation of the subproject. The representatives of the enterprise mentioned, that the bee keeping is a sphere where women and youth are involved in the business equally with the men.

The “Border Guard Cub” initiative implemented by the enterprise is quite interesting in terms of social impact, as the incomes received from the initiative are directed to the women’s group and the local bee keepers in the Berkaber border village of the RA Tavush marz.

As the subproject also helps the representatives of the vulnerable groups of population, including the population of the border villages, in marketing of their production and in generation of additional income, the large positive social impact of the subproject on the solution of problems of employment, income generation and increase, as well as improvement of social status of women, youth and representatives of the vulnerable groups of population is obvious.