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Opening a Veterinary Service Center in the RA Tavush marz

A Veterinary Service Center (VSC) was opened in town Berd of the RA Tavush marz.  RA Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan, “Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness” (CARMAC) project WB Task Team Leader Arusyak Alaverdyan, Tavush marz deputy mayor Karen Аdamyan, “Agriculture PIU” SA Director Gagik Khachatryan, Berd mayor Harutyun Manucharyan, guests and farmers were present at the opening.  

The VSC was established under the CARMAC project being implemented by the “Agriculture PIU” SA with the support of the RA Ministry of Agriculture and the WB. Within the project 3 VSC have been established in Artashavan community of the RA Aragatsotn marz, Khndzoresk community of the RA Syunik marz and Chambarak community of the RA Gegharkunik marz. Another VSC will be established in Panik community of the RA Shirak marz this year: the civil works are underway. CARMAC 2 project was launched in 2016, under...[more]


Seminar in World Bank Yerevan Office

On June 6 and 7, 2016 a two-day seminar was held in WB Yerevan office on “Environmental and Social Safeguard Policies”, organized by the WB international experts for those environmental and social specialists who are involved in the WB funded loan projects.  The objective of the seminar was to present the requirements of the WB policies which are applied during the development and implementation of project documents, especially together with measures mitigating environmental impact, as well as public participation and redress mechanisms.

“Agriculture PIU” SA “Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness” (CARMAC) project Environmental Specialist Alisa Savadyan and Social Specialist-Consultant Emma Mkrtchyan participated in the seminar and each presented a speech on the development of CARMAC project environmental and social documents, their application, monitoring procedure and redress mechanisms applied....[more]


Another Veterinary Service Center (VSC) will be Operated

On June 6, 2016  the coordinator of “Community Animal Health Services” subcomponent of “Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness” (CARMAC) project Sona Tsarukyan and engineer-constructor Artush Yeranosyan visited Berd community of the RA Tavush marz, where a VSC is being constructed under the CARMAC project. The VSC will provide a wide range of services: veterinary, disease prevention and treatment, artificial insemination, veterinary medication, sales of veterinary and livestock equipment and tools, consultation and trainings.

The aim was to preliminarily evaluate the civil works before the exploitation of the VSC. The specialists positively evaluated the works and very soon the opening ceremony of the VSC will take place.



RA Minister of Agriculture Visits A Number of Agro-Processing Companies in Aragatsotn marz

Today the RA Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan paid a working visit to Aragatsotn marz to have a look at the activities of a number of agro-processing companies. The head of Aragatsotn marz Gabriel Gyozalyan and the “Agriculture PIU” SA Director Gagik Khachatryan were accompanying the Minister. They started with “Astgh dairy production” consumer cooperative in Tsamakasar community, where the chairman of the cooperative Sos Saroyan informed that the cooperative consists of 32 members and is engaged in livestock farming, horticulture, as well as milk collection, fridge preservation and processing. Annual volume for milk processing in the cooperative...[more]


Regular Visit to the RA MoA “Scientific Centre of Vegetable and Industrial Crops” SNCO

Within the component “Strengthening Public Sector Institutions” of the second “Community Agricultural Resource Management and Competitiveness” (CARMAC2) project implemented by the “Agriculture PIU” SA the greenhouse civil works of the RA MoA “Scientific Centre of Vegetable and Industrial Crops” SNCO (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) have been underway since November 2015. The objective is to strengthen the capacities of the Centre for increasing the volumes of local seeds and seedlings production and meeting the demands of the RA farms. Within the project greenhouse equipment was provided to the Centre; laboratory and computer equipment and furniture are envisaged to be provided after completing the civil works.

On June 1, 2016 “Agriculture PIU” SA Director Gagik Khachatryan, Deputy Director Armen Vanyan and engineer-constructor Vardan Khostikyan paid a regular visit to the Centre. The aim of the visit was to see the process...[more]

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