Avian Influenza Preparedness Project

The continuing outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), which began in late 2003 in several Southeast Asian countries and have occurred more recently in Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and recently Africa, have been disastrous to the poultry industry in the two regions and have raised serious global public health concerns. These recent increases in the number of known cases of avian influenza (AI) transmission have raised concerns over the potential emergence of a pandemic, which could have devastating effects on human health and livelihoods. Therefore, through interventions as proposed in this Project, and in collaboration with other national and international partners, it should be possible to minimize a pandemic’s consequences in Armenia through advance preparation to meet the challenge.

HPAI control programs require a multi-disciplinary approach to integrate technical, social, economic, political, policy, and regulatory issues in addressing a complex problem.  Given the Bank’s work with FAO, WHO, OIE, EU and other partners in country and at the international level to address both preparedness and outbreaks and to assist with institutional assessments, the Bank can assist Armenia in leveraging additional resources from other international and bilateral agencies.

The proposed Project is supported by the Bank’s multi-country adaptable program loan (MAP) instrument. The funds supplied from the MAP for the Global Program for Avian Influenza (GPAI) will complement activities supported by other international organizations and donor agencies and help ensure the availability of adequate resources to fund the priority investments and technical assistance which Armenia has identified as critical needs in implementing its response to HPAI.