Buckwheat Produced in Tsovagyugh Community will Soon Take its Place in the Local Market: The Minister of Agriculture paid a visit to the RA Gegharkunik Marz

Yesterday, the RA Minister of Agriculture Ignati Arakelyan paid a working visit to the RA Gegharkunik Marz.

The Minister visited the buckwheat processing factory established within ENPARD project in Tsovagyugh community. 5 cooperatives, engaged in buckwheat cultivation, have been established in this marz since 2015 within ENPARD project. The buckwheat they produced is now being processed in this factory. As mentioned by the Minister, this is a very interesting project which will allow replacing imported products with local ones. Thus after getting relevant information on the demand and to ensure the continuation and expansion of the project, the Government will discuss the issue of subsidizing special fertilizations and seeds for buckwheat production. The people in charge ensured that at the end of April they will present packaged product and the Armenian consumer will be able to buy in retail market Armenian buckwheat produced in Gegharkunik marz.

Marz mayor Rafik Grigoryan added, that if supported by the Government, the buckwheat production in the marz may have huge development prospects and the crop areas will expand up to 1000 ha.

The Minister then visited marz center Gavar, where he held a consultation with the participation of marz officials. Acting Director of Agriculture PIU Gegham Gevorgyan was also participating in the consultation. 

Seven out of all the projects submitted to the Government discussion from Gegharkunik marz have been approved. For three of them also the financing sources have been clarified. By the way, the proposal to operate Akunk cheese factory is very important, since by doing it, 25-30 vacancies will be created in the marz and milk storage issue during summer months will be resolved. Other projects submitted from the marz refer to milk storage and expanding milk production capacities, comprehensive increase in chinchilla breeding farms, sheep breeding development, flax oil production and buckwheat consumption. The Minister discussed with the beneficiaries the viability of the project, the possibilities to involve financial sources and other issues.

APIU Acting Director Gegham Gevorgyan reported the results of the works carried out within CARMAC and CARMAC 2 projects. Accordingly, Pasture users cooperatives have been established in 42 communities of Gegharkunik marz, pasture watering systems have been constructed (86,75 km waterline, 69 stock watering points), 473 units of agricultural machinery – provided and grant projects implemented in various communities. Pasture watering system construction (around 39 km waterline, 12 stock watering points in total) is envisaged to be completed in 6 communities of the marz in 2017, agricultural machinery costing around AMD 74 million - provided and around USD 8 000-50 000 targeted funding to the milk, meat, fruit, vegetable, high value berries and honey producers, processors and other value chain participants.

Source: RA MoA official website